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Bought my first yoga mat and it’s the bomb digitty!
My bro and I

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Feel good inc.
Hand in hair syndrome
Me being a punk bitch in the gym


Nothing scars you more than the negative shit your own parents tell you.

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14. July 2014

Here I am writing stupid sappy ass love songs in the comfort of my American home and there are people getting blown the fuck up out there I feel sick I don’t even know where to begin to help I want to save the world I want to make it all stop I don’t know how to fucking do it and yet again I carry the weight of the world. I guess I’ve always had. I’m a very melancholic person I’m almost always sad. Am I just channeling everyone’s feelings only my own? I feel for these people I wish I could make your pain stop I’m sorry this is happening to you and I hope your next life will be distant from these memories. The hard part is over and now you will be on the biggest journey and closer to the light which we all thrive to feel again. That pit in your stomach that feeling of something being missing it’s because we are far away from the light far away from the source far away from the life force of the universe.